The first technology platform to allow you
to analyze and market your apartments direct to active renters.

CribRater allows landlords and property managers to list their apartments via the CribRater app. Landlords and property managers can target renters who are actively searching and list their apartments completely for free. CribRater connects you with real renters looking to move immediately.

With CribRater, you have direct access to tens of thousands of real renters and no fees to list your apartments.

Schedule tours with potential renters.

Landlords – Portal: Messages

Chat directly with interested renters to help them understand your offerings.

Reach tens of thousand of active New York City renters

Analyze your apartment inventory to set competitive pricing and find renters before the apartments are vacant.

Run campaigns to market your current apartments and fill vacancies.

Just some of the benefits our landlords receive

Reduction in transaction fees

Maximize building occupancy

Eliminate ineffective marketing spend

Connect with current and future renters on a mobile platform

Message via text, email, in-app messaging and push notifications

Creation of a community within your building

Analyze your marketing funnel and see how people are viewing your apartments.

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Finding a New Apartment Quickly

Finding a new apartment in New York City takes a lot of diligent research, time, and effort. The best decisions are informed decisions. Knowing your financial situation helps you choose the best rent range, neighborhood, and amenities.

Utilize Your Apartments Hallways for Living Space

Minimalist design doesn’t mean that your apartment has to suffer in either function or aesthetics. Whether your apartment is small or large, CribRater believes that maximizing living space is a key to improving the functionality of your place.

How to Create a Gallery Wall in Your Apartment

Thanks to cell phone cameras with ultra-high resolution, and our need to capture every moment, we take more pictures now than ever before. But, most of them simply end up collecting digital dust on micro-SD cards.

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